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4 reasons Clubhouse is great for small business networking

While Clubhouse has not officially launched to the public, it is already taking the social media world by storm. Social media marketers are calling Clubhouse the next major social media platform. So what exactly is this invite-only app? This app allows users to join audio chat rooms on various topics and can participate as a speaker or a viewer. Think of it as “live podcasting.” 


Clubhouse gives you networking opportunities with companies in your industry.


You can grow your small business networking with the Clubhouse app. This provides you an opportunity to jump into an audio chat room with other professionals in your industry to compare notes and discuss any roadblocks that you all are facing. Because it is audio-only, you can multitask while you work, and you do not have to speak if you do not wish to. Conference breakout sessions are now happening for free on Clubhouse from the comfort of your own space. We are pretty excited for the opportunity to connect and learn from other digital marketing agencies on Clubhouse. With thousands of users in the pilot stage, you can most likely find your industry or like companies to connect with.



It allows you to start your own virtual room to connect to potential clients and build a community.


Once you connect to a group of followers, you can begin hosting your own business chat rooms. Moderators are individuals who create the topic and chat room and then control who can speak and when. New York Times writes that you can think of them as part livestreamer, part podcast host and part community manager. As a moderator, you can invite others onto the stage to speak and offer his or her opinion on various matters. This allows you to connect to potential clients who have questions about your product or service. It also allows you to widen your small business community by connecting to other companies around the country.



The app creates a casual environment where you not only shine as an expert, but also co-host with professionals in your industry.


Many social media platforms make it difficult for small businesses to rise above the corporate giants, regardless of the industry. On the flip side, Clubhouse can help grow small businesses by keeping everyone on an even playing field. That means that you can educate followers and start relevant discussions without worrying about getting pushed out by larger companies. Position yourself as a professional on a specific topic and create an interactive conversation. Better yet, invite other professionals in your field to co-host with you to draw in a larger audience and earn more confidence from the listeners. 


Conference breakout sessions are now happening for free on Clubhouse from the comfort of your own space.


Grow your following on Instagram by connecting on Clubhouse.


Clubhouse is truly audio-only. You cannot direct message another user or comment on a discussion. However, Clubhouse does offer the opportunity to connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your profile. During your business chat room session, you can mention that your Instagram account can be found on your Clubhouse profile and that you welcome the opportunity to speak further through DM. Trust us. It really works!



Clubhouse draws in new followers to your social media accounts and gives you an  opportunity to showcase your products or services. 



In short, buckle up. Clubhouse is going to be a major player in the social media world in the next few years, and we want you to be two steps ahead. Need a Clubhouse app invite? 


Keep up with our team on Clubhouse and be notified about our rooms. Follow Colby Ray (@colbyray) and Kyle Myers (@kylecaitlin) to keep up with the N2DIGITAL team! We will be talking about all things social media, paid advertising and website design trends.