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How professional blog writing services can save time for small business owners

For the small business owners out there, we know how incredibly busy you are. Usually, you are an entire C-Suite of executives rolled up into one. Marketing is an area of your business that is vital for your continued success. 


So how do you prioritize marketing efforts in the midst of running a business? For some small business owners, the answer might be hiring professionals. 


The most common request from business owners is to improve their SEO. But a huge part of improving SEO comes from fresh content. So here’s how we are going to meet this need. N2DIGITAL is launching new professional blog writing services that will save you time and allow you to focus on running your business. Schedule a meeting now if you’re already sold. 


What are the benefits of blogging? 

Let’s take a half-step back. If your small business does not have a blog, you could be missing out on organic traffic coming to your site. Check out our blog post, “How to use your blog to get amazing SEO!” to read just how important fresh content is to search engines. 


According to Hubspot, website blogging serves to turn strangers into visitors on the buyer’s journey. This is a huge component of an inbound marketing strategy. An inbound marketing strategy brings your audience to you.


hubspot inbound marketing chart


Remember, search engines want to see fresh, engaging content on a website. You are the expert in your industry. Share your knowledge with your potential customers through educational blog content. 


Should you use a professional blog writing service for your business? 

Now that you know the benefits of blogging, how often should you post on your blog? 


We recommend once a month as a minimum. Google’s search bots are constantly indexing websites to see if the website has fresh content. If you continue to post quality content on a regular basis, search engines will automatically assume that your site is active and worthy of a higher page ranking. 


Bonus Tip: Update your old blog posts with newer statistics and information to improve your SEO. 


If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of researching, outlining and drafting a blog post every month, you’re not alone. According to data by Gallup, stress and worry for small business owners is at an all-time high. 


small business owner stress levels


If you cannot manage your company blog by yourself, you could benefit from hiring a blog writing service to do the work for you. Marketing agencies like N2DIGITAL exist to help small businesses like yours win. So that’s why we have launched our own website blogging and SEO service.


Why is N2DIGITAL launching a blog writing service?

Our team at N2DIGITAL wants to connect our clients with their ideal customers. We do this in a number of ways like website design and branding services. We also regularly post free, educational marketing content for small businesses on our blog to offer our expertise in the digital marketing world. 


But the complaint we hear the most from small business owners is that they do not have time to manage their company and also maintain a growing digital presence. 


N2DIGITAL is excited to offer blog writing services to small business owners. Check out the service offering and then schedule a meeting to discuss our affordable pricing and timeline. Don’t let time constraints keep you from driving organic growth for your business! 


Contact us to learn more about our new website blogging service today!