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As a small business owner, there are countless scenarios that you anticipate. Running out of stock, being short-staffed, holiday coverage, and responding to negative online reviews are just a few of the daily concerns small business owners face. In more severe cases, small businesses can secure insurance to protect themselves against larger problems. However, many small business owners would have never imagined closing their business for days - even weeks - on end.    The emergence of COVID-19 has forced small business owners to do the unimaginable - close down their storefront. The 30.2 million small businesses across the country are now

A new year brings a new wave of social media trends. The digital world is consistently evolving - getting smarter, quicker, and more resourceful, and it’s up to us as marketers to learn the best practices. We’re proud to provide wraparound marketing services to help companies across the country improve their SEO rankings, increase recognition in their communities through digital advertising, and modernize their website. A lot is learning through digital marketing exposure - consumers make decisions about your brand within seconds of viewing your digital ad, website, or social media post. It’s our job to craft the perfect social

When you’re searching for a product review, cooking tutorial, or even to learn more about a destination, where do you look? For three-quarters of American adults, the answer is YouTube, according to a study by Pew Research Center. It’s simple – users would rather watch videos to learn about a specific topic than read about it. Videos are also much more accessible than traditional forms of media: They’re often free, you can find the video you’re looking for within seconds (thanks to SEO), and you can watch wherever you want. Not to mention, videos are more engaging and give consumers

If you own a social media page for your business, you more than likely receive messages from customers. Whether these messages are sent directly or submitted as comments on content posts, you’ll want to make sure responding is always a top priority. After all, if a customer came into your store with a question, you wouldn't ignore it. Treat all customer messages with the same urgency and attention as you would with in-person or over-the-phone inquiries. You’ll want to respond in a timely manner, as well as ensure all questions are thoroughly answered.    Unfortunately, it’s not always cut and dry when

People are relying on the internet more than ever: for researching local services, scheduling appointments, communicating with businesses, and much more. Gone are the days when the typical consumer dials a business’s phone number – they are now finding answers to their questions through three main sources: Search engines, company websites, and social media pages. Is your business catering to the modern-day consumer? You’ll want to ask yourself how does my online presence stack up against my competition in this rapidly changing digital age? Do your website and social platforms contain crucial information that users are looking for? Can users

No matter how big or small your company may be, one thing remains the same: the need to connect with consumers. When consumers have a question about your business, they rarely pick up the phone to talk to you. Instead, they now want their questions answered by a simple visit to your website or social media pages. Has your company tailored its digital presence to fit the needs of the modern day consumer?   The good news is that most of this information is fairly simple and straightforward – what are your store hours, what’s your business address, and how can customers

Regardless of whether you’re an active Instagram user or not, you’ve probably heard that Instagram will start hiding likes on its platform. The first speculation about this began in April 2019 and was reintroduced just this past week. So, what took so long, and why is Instagram doing this? According to Later, this movement started in Canada in May 2019, shortly after the April 2019 announcement. Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand followed shortly after, and soon enough, the United States will be part of this list.   So, why is Instagram doing this? The answer is easy. An Instagram

The statistics don’t lie – 80% of Instagram users follow a brand, 60% of users discovered a product through Instagram, and 30% of users purchased something they found on Instagram, according to Instagram’s business research. This means three in every 10 users have made an informed purchase through Instagram. And it doesn’t start and stop there – Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms that encourages buying behavior. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are among the platforms companies are using to their advantage, increasing brand awareness and sales.    Social media has transformed the way brands market their products, connect

Mastering the art of Instagram can be complex - there are many aspects that you have to keep in mind in order to run a successful Instagram page, and it can be overwhelming if your new to social media. But no matter how familiar you are to Instagram, there’s one goal all business owners have in common: to boost sales.    You may wonder how that is even possible through Instagram, and you aren't wrong for having that preconceived thought. After all - Instagram is a social media platform, not an e-commerce platform.    With the rise of Instagram in the past decade, it

If you’re a small business owner, you likely have at least one thing in common with other owners: online reviews. Depending on your business and the type of product or service you provide, you may receive a higher frequency of reviews, while other business’ reviews may be few and far between. Regardless of the quantity, in both cases reviews are an important aspect of a brand’s online reputation, and you’ll want to make sure you are knowledgeable about the topic.   Reviews are typically accounted for on three main platforms: Yelp, Google, and Facebook. You’ll need to set up accounts on these