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Let’s face it - if your website isn’t easy to use, you’re not going to have many converting users. Without a user-friendly website, users won’t spend much time on your website. The statistics don’t lie - 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience. That’s why the team at N2DIGITAL is dedicated to providing actionable tips for small business owners across the country. It doesn’t matter your industry, location, or type of product or service you offer - all businesses can benefit from a navigable website.    Luckily, achieving a navigable website is actually simpler than you may

Congratulations - you’ve made a sale! Depending on your business, you’re probably working on the order, getting your team ready, or beginning the process of turning the potential client into an active client. Regardless of what your process entails, finalizing a sale is always exciting. But did you know there are extra steps you could be taking to strengthen your relationship with new clients and encourage increased customer acquisition?   Oftentimes, after a sale is made, communication decreases. Your team is spending time on the new client, and you’re seeking the next prospect. What most businesses don’t realize, is that staying engaged

There are several components to a successful social media strategy. Between developing captivating content, to scheduling posts and engaging with your audience, social media management is a complex, yet extremely impactful undertaking.    If you’re like most small businesses, you probably have some sort of social media strategy, and recognize the importance of engaging with your audience and utilizing a consistent content posting schedule. But, one thing that many small businesses fail to recognize (or update), is their social media bio. Social media bios can easily be overlooked, resulting in outdated links or content.    Think of it this way: When users visit your

Congratulations! You’ve either recently launched a new website, or are getting ready to launch. With a new website launch comes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and hours spent perfecting your new site. Between selecting the perfect imagery that represents your brand and fine-tuning the content, to the development and user experience, it’s a sigh of relief when all these moving parts come together.    At N2DIGITAL, we’re the biggest advocates for your small business. Through our website design services, we work with clients to ensure every aspect of their new website is exactly what they’ve envisioned. From combining strong messaging

As a small business owner, you wear a TON of hats. From finances to sales to lead generation to digital marketing, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. But what if you could take some of these tasks and hand them over to a group of experts?   Here are a few of N2DIGITAL’s top reasons to take control of your time and start outsourcing your marketing right now. Why Outsource? Many business owners hesitate to outsource tasks because they assume it will be difficult, costly, and hard for an outside company to capture the essence of who they

Did you know it only takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website? In that time, they’re deciding whether they like your site or not and whether to stay on the page or leave. In those precious milliseconds, you could be losing your next great customer. So what homepage features should you set up your site to ensure you capture their attention?   Here are a few of the top features your homepage should have to hook new customers. 10 Essential Features For Your Homepage 1. Clear and Concise Menu   When people land on your website, they come

When you need to know the forecast for the day, do a quick lookup for car repairs, or want to show a friend your latest pet photos, what device are you using? As a matter of fact, which device are you using right now? Chances are, you’re on a mobile one. In fact, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones last year, and the trend has been steadily increasing over the years.   What does this mean for your business, how customers find you online, and the quality of your website? In 2018, 61% of organic mobile search

It's a simple yes or no question: Does your small business have a website? Everyone who answers “no” needs to buckle up – things might get a little bumpy!   In short, all small businesses need a website. It doesn't matter what your company has to offer or what product or service you're selling; having a website isn't just necessary – it's crucial if you want your small business to be successful.   For starters, having your own website gives you a little something known as “control.” With a website, you will have control over your company's brand, appearance, and overall message. Basically, you