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COVID-19: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Small Business

The rise of COVID-19 has introduced challenges amongst almost every area of life. We’ve adjusted to new routines, balanced work, and homeschooling our children, found ways to stay fit at home, along with many more obstacles. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living – this virus has interrupted lives across the country.


If you’re a small business owner, you’ve felt the hardships of this virus firsthand. Closing storefronts, laying off staff, and finding ways to stay afloat are just a few of the obstacles that small business owners have dealt with. Small businesses are being challenged to put their creativity to the test – how can you continue to generate sales, remain relevant in your community, and engage with your customers all while working remotely?


We’ve done some brainstorming on five ways simple small business owners can use this time to strengthen their business, and come out of quarantine prepared for the post-COVID-19 climate.


1. Support Your Community

Overcoming adversity is easier when we work together. Brainstorm ways you can help your community – can you donate resources, volunteer your time, or provide virtual complimentary services? Small businesses across the country are dedicating their time and resources to help hospitals and front line workers navigate this challenging time. For example, with the shortage of hand sanitizer and surgical masks, businesses are manufacturing their own hand sanitizer and face masks, while others are donating to food banks and shelters. How can your business contribute? 


2. Learn a New Skill 

How can you add value to your business? Although it feels like we can’t do much in quarantine, the one upside is that we have more time to think critically about our business. Utilize this period to put your knowledge and creativity to the test. Have you been putting off updating your website? What about starting a blog? Or are you interested in improving your customer service? Whatever it may be, this is a great time to expand your business and make the improvements you never had time for. Even if it’s learning more about SEO or how to grow your social media, a little knowledge can go a long way.


3. Engage With Your Audience

Use this time to learn a little more about your customers! How can you curate your business to meet your customer’s needs? What do they care about – is it sustainability, quality, or both? Tuning into your customer’s values can teach you how to improve your business to encourage customer loyalty and retention. An easy way to engage with your audience is through social media – run polls on your Instagram Stories, as well as question boxes. Find out what they are really looking for in a product or service, and use their feedback to improve your business.


4. Prepare For The Future

Although it feels like it, this quarantine won’t last forever. Put together a game plan for what your business will do once the stay-at-home order is lifted. Do you need to train your staff on proper sanitation measures, or install Plexiglas by the cash registers? What about sanitation equipment, such as surgical masks, gloves, and disinfectant spray and wipes? Making sure your staff is prepared will be critical in ensuring your business is ready to open its doors in a way that’s safe for everyone.


5. Spread Positivity

Above all, a little more kindness is what the world needs during these unprecedented times. We never know what our neighbor is going through – appreciating one another and spreading kindness is one of the easiest yet most impactful things we can do. Whether you spread positivity through posting uplifting messages on social media or emails, providing free resources, or volunteering your time to help your community, a little more positivity can go a long way. We love John Krasinski’s YouTube channel Some Good News!


Are you a small business owner? Head over to our Instagram and share your thoughts! What’s worked for you during these times, and what’s helped your business generate sales?

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