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COVID-19: How to Refocus Your Business

As a small business owner, there are countless scenarios that you anticipate. Running out of stock, being short-staffed, holiday coverage, and responding to negative online reviews are just a few of the daily concerns small business owners face. In more severe cases, small businesses can secure insurance to protect themselves against larger problems. However, many small business owners would have never imagined closing their business for days – even weeks – on end. 


The emergence of COVID-19 has forced small business owners to do the unimaginable – close down their storefront. The 30.2 million small businesses across the country are now experiencing some of the hardest times they’ve encountered. Laying off staff, dwindling sales, and figuring out ways to stay afloat amongst this global pandemic. 


As cities across the country begin to require all non-essential businesses to close down, it may feel like there’s not much you can do to help your business. At N2DIGITAL, our mission is to serve small businesses across the nation. No matter what the circumstances may be, we are here to help business owners navigate the world of digital marketing to their business’s advantage. Regardless of the industry or circumstances, we are dedicated to serving you. 


During COVID-19, establishing an actionable plan will be critical to maintaining operations and a sales flow. Although your storefront may have to be shut down, there are several ways to run a virtual storefront. Below, we’ll dive into what you can do for your business amid this pandemic.


Retail Industry 

If you’re in the retail industry, there are a couple of strategies you can deploy to help drive sales and remain relevant. Through social media posts and stories, email blasts, or your own website you can let customers know that you are still virtually open and can fulfill orders. 


  • Offer curbside pickup or free delivery. This will encourage customers to continue shopping with you. 
  • Encourage customers to purchase gift cards! Ask them to purchase gift cards for either themselves or their loved ones – consider offering discounts on gift cards to encourage sales. 
  • Run a store-wide promotion to help prompt sales. Whether it’s BOGO, free shipping, or special markdowns, this will give customers the opportunity to both support small businesses and also get a great deal.


Food Industry 

Let your customers know you’re still open for delivery and pickup through a website banner or popup, social media posts and stories, and email blasts. We love this example of Peño Grill, who utilized a website popup so that visitors would be aware of their current standing. They also shared this on their social media pages to ensure adequate coverage.


Similar to the retail industry, you can also provide customers with:

  • Curbside pickup, delivery, and gift cards. Many businesses are offering free delivery, along with curbside pickup. Whichever you decide to deploy, make sure you’re communicating this on your website, social media, and emails.
  • Social media contests or giveaways. This will keep users engaged with your business, and remind customers that your business is still open for delivery or takeout.


If you’re located in Maryland, New York, Texas, New Hampshire, California, Nebraska, Colorado, Vermont, or Kentucky, alcohol delivery is temporarily permitted, according to Travel + Leisure. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and promote through your social media pages, email blasts, and website. 


Group Fitness and Gym Industry

For gyms and group fitness studios, you can still host virtual workouts! Whether you’re live recording or giving free access to your online workout portal, this is a great way to increase traffic to your social media pages and website, while helping individuals across the country stay healthy.


  • Live stream workouts through YouTube, Instagram Live, or your own website. Take Corepower Yoga for example. They have an online portal of yoga classes, traditionally through a paid subscription. In light of COVID-19, they have opened up classes to the public, free of costs. Pure Barre is also providing complimentary workout classes through Instagram Live. Not only does this bring more users to your website or social media page, but it also reinforces your loyalty to your customers and their health.
  • Do you sell workout equipment, clothing, or accessories? You can also offer curbside pickup or delivery. 


There are countless ways to connect to members in your community – whether it’s through social media, email, or traditional advertising. N2 Publications are an excellent way to break through the clutter and connect to your target customer. The N2DIGITAL and N2 Publishing teams are here to serve you. Contact us today.


For updates on COVID-19, visit the CDC COVID-19 guide


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