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Create a new user experience with Instagram Guides

In late 2020, Instagram expanded their new tool, Guides, to the entire Instagram community. Initially, Instagram meant for Guides to be used by the healthcare industry to give instructions on well-being to their followers. After months of testing the new tool, they’ve given all users the ability to create their own Guides. 


Which leads us to the main question here. 


What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides are organized, numbered, digital booklets that can further showcase products, post threads and create educational content. Hootsuite helpfully describes Guides as “a cross between Instagram carousels and blog posts.” Instagram Guides can further organize your posts and content to help readers follow different topics. Think of them as a picture blog or a product portfolio.


A few Instagram Tips on using Guides

As digital marketing trends lean more and more towards social commerce, you can capitalize on this tool to scale a business on Instagram. Guides can allow you to creatively capture attention with sharp photos of your products or helpful tips about your industry. There are three unique types of Guides that you can select.



If your small business is service-based, this will be the best option to use to show off your company. For Post Guides, you select from past posts that you’ve created or saved posts from other accounts. Note that Stories cannot be used in Guides as content. If you’ve created content campaigns in the past, you can organize them all in Guides for a quick, scrollable experience. There are many creative ways to use Posts as a service-based company. 


Try a How-to Guide to educate your audience. Perhaps a plumbing business could create a Guide called “How to check for frozen pipes” and list out a step by step outline with helpful images. Or maybe a hair stylist can show the transformational process of a client’s hair during an appointment. We don’t recommend more than 10 posts in a Guide. 

instagram guides posts


This is a new way for companies to display and sell their products on Instagram. Product Guides allow you to cluster your product listings in one place by category. If your Guide gets high traffic, you could be featured in Instagram Shop. Visitors can purchase your products right in the app without going to a different website. Capitalize on the growth of social commerce by listing your various products with quality images and organizing them in eye-catching Guides. 


Create fun holiday gift guides or seasonal catalogues. There are many fun ideas out there with the new Guides feature. Try some different options and test which ones capture the most attention. Make sure you take quality photos to show off your products.

instagram guides products


Finally, you can choose to create a Places Guide. This is a great option if you are in the travel industry. If you own a tour company, create a Places Guide for major travel destinations around the world to showcase your services. If you are not a travel company, you can still use the geotag feature in Places Guides to display all the cities you have an office in or every area in the U.S. that you service. 

instagram guides places

Tips for making Guides

Making an Instagram Guide is easy. Follow our quick steps to make your first Guide:


  1. Go to your Instagram Profile.
  2. Click the “+” sign. The Create panel appears.
  3. Click Guide. 
  4. Under Choose guide type, select from Places, Products or Posts.
  5. Then, scroll through your past posts or saved posts, and select those that you wish to include in your Guide.
  6. Change the cover photo to something eye-catching that showcases what the Guide is about. 
  7. Add rich headlines and quality descriptions for each post or product. 
  8. Post your new Guide, and share via Stories or DM!



Guides stay housed on your Profile page, but you can share your Guides to your Stories or in a DM. We will see this new Instagram feature grow in the coming months. As you work to scale a business, keep your eyes open for new tools that you can use to capture your viewer’s attention and make a sale. 


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