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How to Improve SEO in 2021!

Regardless of whether your website is one year old or just one day, SEO is paramount in building a successful website. From gaining exposure among your target audience, to increasing conversions and brand awareness, SEO can help your business reach goals, market to new audiences, and increase profitability. The best thing? SEO, unlike its counterpart SEM, is totally free! These tips below cost your business nothing – not to mention, SEO delivers 6x higher ROI than SEM


At N2DIGITAL, our goal is to help business owners across the country reach their marketing quotas and increase overall brand awareness. Whether you’re learning the ropes of social media, or are trying to improve your SEO, our team is here to help you. 


Below, we explore how to improve SEO with three simple techniques! 


Adopt a Blogging Strategy


Does your company have a blogging strategy? Blogging is a great way to increase the number of links your website has (the more links your website has, the more credible it appears to Google), introduce new key phrases to your website, and boost internal and external links throughout your website. 


We suggest creating monthly blogs, even better if it’s two to four times per month. Use Google Trends to learn what’s trending in your industry, and translate that into blog material. Don’t forget to choose a focus and secondary key phrase, and include that in your blog content, as well as in your SEO title and meta-description. We love using UberSuggest for key phrase research! Remember to select a key phrase with high search volume and low competition. This gives you the best chance of ranking.


Pro tip: Update old blogs with new content, if no longer relevant or accurate! Especially when it comes to old statistics or outdated information. 


Learn more about increasing your SEO through blogging!


Utilize Google My Business


Does your business have a Google My Business profile? GMB profiles are critical in building brand awareness in local communities. It allows customers to locate your storefront, call your business, view hours of operation, and much more! GMB is an incredibly useful asset that is also free for businesses to create and use. Learn how to set up a Google My Business profile in the video below!


Once you have a GMB profile, you’ll want to make sure it’s as accurate as possible. This means the contact information, hours of operation, and even branding should be up to date. If you move locations, change phone numbers, or have holiday hours, make sure this is represented in your GMB profile. Likewise, remember to routinely ask your customers for reviews. Having a high amount of reviews increases credibility, and can influence positive buying behavior. Learn more about customer reviews here!


Ultimately, having a strong presence on GMB will help your business in countless ways. Make sure your business is verified, and images are high-quality, clear, and accurately portray your business. 


Pro tip: Make sure your other profiles aren’t neglected! Make sure your Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and additional social profiles have a consistent NAP (name, address, phone) information, and all branding is consistent. 


Learn more about improving your SEO through Google My Business


Update Content


As stated above, updated content is key! In addition to updating blog content, you’ll want to make sure content is updated throughout your entire website. The most crucial pages are your home and contact pages, but you can also check what pages are visited most frequently using Google Analytics! By updating the content on your website, you are dually sending a signal to Google that your website is active and up to date, which will help climb SEO rankings! 


Additional Tips & Tricks

  • Install your Instagram feed to your website
  • A lively social media presence sends a signal to Google that your website is active.
  • When you upload new images, make sure they are high-quality and include alt-tags.
  • When creating new website pages, make sure to choose a key phrase and create an SEO title and meta-description. You’ll want to include the key phrase in your SEO title and meta-description, as well as throughout the page content.


Curious to learn how your website stacks up? Gain insight through our audit tool! Learn more about issues that may be hurting your SEO, and potential areas of improvement. Need help deciphering your report? Our team is happy to help


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