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Our Instagram Predictions for 2020

A new year brings a new wave of social media trends. The digital world is consistently evolving – getting smarter, quicker, and more resourceful, and it’s up to us as marketers to learn the best practices. We’re proud to provide wraparound marketing services to help companies across the country improve their SEO rankings, increase recognition in their communities through digital advertising, and modernize their website. A lot is learning through digital marketing exposure – consumers make decisions about your brand within seconds of viewing your digital ad, website, or social media post. It’s our job to craft the perfect social post, digital ad, or website to increase the user experience and help your business thrive.


Our team is here to do the research for you – we study the best practices in digital marketing and stay updated on the latest trends that could positively or negatively affect your business, so you don’t have to. We’re here to take the stress off business owners, so they can do what they do best: run their business. 


We’ve researched, and analyzed trends in Instagram that we believe will become popular in 2020 – some of these predictions are improvements upon existing measures, while others are breakthrough predictions that will change social media usage. Learn what the N2DIGITAL team predicts for Instagram in the upcoming year! 

  • Improved analytics
    Currently, Instagram Insights are pretty rudimentary. Business and creator profiles can view insights on their content (posts, stories, and ads), activity (profile visits and website clicks), and gain insight on their audience (followers demographics and follower rate). In 2020 Instagram will continue making improvements to their analytics, and provide comprehensive statistics and data to “creator” and “business” profiles. 


  • Closed Captioning for stories
    A more inclusive approach to story viewing – for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, this option allows for inclusion on story content. This feature would also allow users to view story content, without having to turn the sound on and avoid being disruptive. There are already third-party apps that offer this feature, such as Mix Captions. Since Instagram wants to keep you in their app, they are typically responsive when it comes to adding features that become popular with other apps. 
  • User-generated content (UGC) gains popularity
    User Generate Content is bigger than ever for brands – and for good reason! Consumers trust their peers, and this form of content is more authentic than paid sponsorships. User-generated content is any form of content (mostly images and videos, when it comes to Instagram) that is shared on a social platform, and the user typically tags the brand associated with the image. Once the brand discovers this image, they’ll repost on their social page, and tag the source. This is great for brands, as it is largely free content and widely trusted by social media users. UGC is typically how influencers get their name noticed in the social media community, and how brands form long-lasting relationships.
  • TikTok meets Instagram
    With 500 million monthly active users as of October 2019, TikTok is attracting users on a global scale, and for good reason! This app allows users to create short video clips and provides video editing tools that far exceed Instagram’s video editing capabilities. TikTok also has an extensive music library (integrated with Apple Music) that allows users to remix existing songs and discover trending songs through the platform. So, what does this have to do with Instagram? Instagram users are starting to create and edit their videos within the TikTok platform, and upload it to their Instagram story or posts because the video editing capabilities are that good. We predict that Instagram will rise to compete with TikTok and increase the video editing capabilities within their platform. They have already released “Reels,” which is similar in nature to TikTok. This is being tested in Brazil – we expect this to be released on a larger scale in 2020.


  • Hiding Likes
    If you read our blog in late 2019, you’ll be familiar with Instagram’s move to hide likes. This is currently in a testing phase, and we predict that Instagram will make this official in 2020. You may be wondering what is prompting this move? The answer is easy. An Instagram spokesperson explains, “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get.” With various studies focused on the societal pressures now experienced by teenagers, much of this added pressure appears to stem from social media usage and the all-too-easy act of comparing oneself to others on these platforms – and “like count” in particular is largely to blame.


  • Longer captions, aka “micro-blogging.”
    This is the best of both worlds – for both the user and business. Traditionally, business and creator profiles would provide a link in the bio to direct users to a blog page, as you can’t link within your posts on Instagram. But with the new rise in micro-blogging, users can provide a shortened version of their blog as a caption. This provides ease and usability for the user and helps engagement rates for the business or creator. Although we do recommend utilizing the link in bio feature – this is a crucial piece of your Instagram profile that should not be overlooked!


What do you think Instagram will implement in 2020? Do you think our predictions will be implemented? Let us know! To stay updated on our latest blogs, give us a follow on Instagram