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Should I Have an Instagram Account for My Business?

Have you ever browsed through Instagram and noticed brands that have 15 million followers? It may seem like an unrealistic goal to attain a following that big if you’re a small business owner. After all, many of these companies aren’t just national brands – they’re global powerhouses. These multibillion-dollar companies have exceedingly large marketing budgets that allow them to work with influencers and actors, use high-quality video tools, and spend more money on advertising. Take a look at Nike’s page, for example.


But it’s important to keep in mind that all businesses have to start somewhere. Without growing your digital presence, it’s difficult in this day and age to achieve your business goals. Aside from maintaining a well-optimized and responsive website for your brand, growing your social media presence will encourage exposure, loyalty, and sales.


Although there are several social media platforms that are great for personal use, Instagram in particular has experienced significant growth in recent years and has been fundamental in boosting today’s top brands. With 500 million daily active Instagram users, this platform presents a huge opportunity for business owners.


Most, if not all, successful brands not only have an Instagram presence, but they are also consistent in posting, maintaining brand awareness, and engaging with customers in innovative and creative ways. Since users have discovered Instagram can be more than just a way to share photos with friends, companies should try to uniquely grab their attention. Instagram even recently launched a Checkout feature, which allows users to make a purchase through the platform.


With this function and others, Instagram is catering to brands more and more, allowing companies to grow their digital footprint. And with the app being in just its ninth year of operation, much more is sure to come. But don’t wait to take advantage!


Below we focus on the benefits of creating an Instagram account for your business and how the platform can bring new customers to your company.


Network of Curious Users


If there’s one thing that’s true about Instagram, it’s that people are there to browse. The act of scrolling encourages users to spend more time on the app, searching for shareable content and appealing imagery. The growth of influencer marketing also helps users discover new and interesting content – whether that’s a new brand, product, service, or simply life hacks. Users put their trust in Instagram influencers to teach them about the latest buzzworthy offerings and what makes them special.


With Instagram users constantly scrolling to discover the next best thing, and with the platform designed to keep users scrolling, brands are in a great spot for exposure. Take advantage of this by creating a strong Instagram presence for your business, and by conducting research on your industry and competitors to ensure you are curating your page correctly. What is your competition doing? What does your target audience respond to? Are there any influencers you might consider partnering with? Brainstorming can help you gain a steady understanding of how you can leverage Instagram users’ curiosity to boost exposure and sales.


Discovering New Brands


Combine a network of curious users with a network of brands eager to convert – it’s a perfect match. It’s a trend that’s become more and more common in recent years, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. According to Instagram statistics, more than half of users say they discover new products through Instagram, crediting the success of brands showcasing their products through the app.


Since Instagram is free to use, it’s fairly simple to put together an Instagram account. What isn’t so simple, however, is putting together a comprehensive strategy that puts you in front of the competition. Brands are breaking out through creative advertising campaigns and innovative posts. These techniques grab the attention of Instagram users and encourage them to take action to learn more about a brand and its specific products or services. Need ideas? Check out our blog on strategies to increase sales through Instagram..




Once Instagram stat says 90 percent of global brands are on Instagram, so it goes without saying that being active on the platform is crucial for relevancy. Users can visit your profile to learn more about your products and services, see what others have to say about your brand, and then (hopefully!) take action. Most companies use their Instagram profile to not only showcase their business, but also to interact and engage with their customers. But you’ll only be relevant if you consistently update your page.


Things like responding to direct messages, featuring user-generated content, and promoting contests, sales, or discounts can make your account more attractive. Instagram is also a great platform for releasing news, whether you have a new product release, events to promote, or even company personnel updates. With the average person checking Instagram multiple times a day, you can be confident your content will be consumed by your followers. And when your content is consumed, brand awareness grows.


Showcase Your Brand


Within the first couple seconds of visiting a brand’s Instagram page, you get a feel for their identity and the products or services they offer. Some brands use their Instagram profile to showcase their goods, creating a portfolio for their products. This makes it easy for first-time visitors to learn about your company and what problem your business solves for consumers. Users can gain familiarity through Instagram Stories, saved highlights, consistent posting, and the link you place in your bio.


Social Advertising


The last, most obvious benefit of owning an Instagram account is being able to take advantage of advertising through the platform. As stated above, Instagram users are constantly looking for the next best thing and will actively scroll to find it. Promoting your business with a highly-targeted audience that is likely to respond to your ad can lead to more sales. And through Instagram analytics, you can learn what your audience is reacting to, and then use those metrics to fine-tune your advertising strategy. We recommend changing up your ad every month or so to avoid ad fatigue. This can mean switching out your imagery / video, copy, or both.

The bottom line? Yes, you should definitely have an Instagram account for your business. Not sure how to get started? N2DIGITAL specializes in social media management and advertising. Contact our team to learn more about our services.