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iPhone privacy affecting woman using iPhone

The new iPhone privacy update and what it means for you

Back in September, we wrote a blog, Apple takes the lead in the war on internet privacy about Apple’s iOS 14 announcement in response to the outcry for protecting user data. For the past few months, we’ve all watched the big names in Silicon Valley debate over iPhone privacy and the upcoming update. 


In a long blog, Speaking Up for Small Businessesposted in December, Facebook argued that Apple’s iPhone privacy enforcements will hurt small businesses who currently use tracking to enhance their advertising efforts. In this blog, Facebook announced that they were “speaking up for small businesses” and that Apple’s new rules were more for profit than privacy. 


Apple responded to Facebook in a statement, insisting that they were “standing up for our users.” The company stated that Facebook would still be able to offer in-app advertising, but users will start having full visibility to how they are tracked. This new privacy update will allow Apple users to exercise more control and transparency with personalized advertising.


Starting this month, users will begin to see a prompt that asks whether they want to allow data tracking when they open apps on their Apple device. It is unclear when Apple will fully implement this change across all users, but it will be done in stages. 


What This Means for You

Of course, we take these changes very seriously and do not want our small business clients to feel a negative impact. However, we believe that the majority of these iPhone privacy changes will affect app developers and large companies that heavily utilize online stores.


However, small businesses could feel the greatest effect of this privacy update when targeting an audience for a particular ad campaign on Facebook. Demographic and geographic targeting will be less impactful than they have been in the past. In the image below, we have marked the areas of Facebook Ad Manager that will be the most impacted by iOS 14. Those who mostly use Facebook Ads for traffic and brand awareness won’t be as affected. However, advertisers focused on lead conversions could see a change in targeted advertising success.


Facebook Ads Manager showing ad type and where iphone privacy updates will impact.


The battle over internet privacy will continue to pan out over the next few months as more details come to light about Apple’s iPhone privacy requirements. We do not believe that business owners need to panic about changes in social media advertising. Digital marketing changes and evolves all the time, and we will all learn to change and evolve with these new privacy enforcements. 


In the meantime, we recommend taking these three actions to help your business:

  1. Stay flexible. As we stated before, no one is quite certain what impacts this change will have for businesses, and we are ready to help you pivot your marketing strategies.
  2. Focus on your current network. Use the followers you already have on your social media platforms to reach potential customers. Ask your network to share a post for a giveaway or tag a friend to get entered in a raffle. There are many creative ways you can use loyal supporters to grow your business.
  3. Remain neutral. Both Apple and Facebook claim to be protecting their users in their battle against each other. It can be hard to distinguish who is correct. Instead, focus on how you can use these new updates to make your business better.


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