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  • Did you know 80% of home buyers search online for their next home? The days of meeting your real estate sales goals entirely through word of mouth and local networking events are over. If you aren’t using an online presence to connect with potential buyers and sellers, then you are


  • The new iPhone privacy update and what it means for you
    Back in September, we wrote a blog, Apple takes the lead in the war on internet privacy about Apple’s iOS 14 announcement in response to the outcry for protecting user data. For the past few months, we’ve all watched the big names in Silicon Valley debate over iPhone privacy and the upcoming update.    In a […]
  • 4 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement
    Did you know 62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories? Utilizing social media in your business’s marketing strategy is paramount to growing sales and increasing brand awareness among the social media community. Social media gives your brand a voice, while also promoting your […]
  • How to Improve SEO!
    Regardless of whether your website is one year old or just one day, SEO is paramount in building a successful website. From gaining exposure among your target audience, to increasing conversions and brand awareness, SEO can help your business reach goals, market to new audiences, and increase profitability. The best thing? SEO, unlike its counterpart […]
  • Four Features of a Powerful Yet User-Friendly Website
    When you want to learn more about a product or service, where do you typically head? For most individuals, the answer is Google. From here, users will browse through the search results, and find themselves on a brand’s website. But you may be wondering: What is the determining factor of whether that user will make […]
  • Are Facebook Ads Worth The Money?
    With buzz around Facebook failing to comply with privacy regulations, more people are reconsidering whether to delete their social media altogether. In our September blog, Apple takes the lead in the war on internet privacy, we examined Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma, and what it means for both individuals and businesses alike. In lieu of […]
  • Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?
    In this day and age, when people are in need of a product or service, they head straight to Google. Whether they’re looking for a local landscaper, hair salon, or daycare, individuals go through a vetting process. This process usually looks something like this: reading reviews, visiting your website, and possibly taking a look at […]
  • Apple takes the lead in the war on internet privacy!
    On September 9th, Netflix released the documentary The Social Dilemma. This documentary examined the rise of social networking, and the pros and cons associated with the social media age. One of the big themes was privacy on social media, and the information that platforms have on its users. Coincidentally, less than two weeks later, Apple […]
  • 5 Ways To Stay Engaged With Your Customers After The Sale
    Congratulations – you’ve made a sale! Depending on your business, you’re probably working on the order, getting your team ready, or beginning the process of turning the potential client into an active client. Regardless of what your process entails, finalizing a sale is always exciting. But did you know there are extra steps you could […]
  • Optimize Your Social Media Bios to Make More Sales Through Social Media!
    There are several components to a successful social media strategy. Between developing captivating content, to scheduling posts and engaging with your audience, social media management is a complex, yet extremely impactful undertaking.    If you’re like most small businesses, you probably have some sort of social media strategy, and recognize the importance of engaging with […]
  • Take Control and Get the Most Out of Your Website Launch!
    Congratulations! You’ve either recently launched a new website, or are getting ready to launch. With a new website launch comes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and hours spent perfecting your new site. Between selecting the perfect imagery that represents your brand and fine-tuning the content, to the development and user experience, it’s a […]